I perform all repairs or alterations on golf clubs dictated by need or desire. I do complete fittings for all clubs and only use the products I offer for sale to fit with. And I sell the finest club heads, shafts and grips available to get the best results. The products can change that I offer, but only if I believe it to be better than what I already have.

For golf heads we offer: SMT, Infinity, Scratch, Wishon and Swing Science.

*Please note: We will continue to offer the finest cast formed heads, but because of head features not existing in cast heads we will be offering forged heads as well. Our forged heads include Scratch, Wishon, Bang, And Infinity.

For shafts we offer:

Graphite – Accra, Swing Science, Enzo, SK Fiber, Graman, UST, Graphite Design and Matrix

Steel – KB TOURS, FST and True Tempre

Our grip offering is primarily Lamkin although when needed we offer Golfpride and Winn.

Why do things happen during a golf swing that doesn’t end as you want? Well I now believe that there is not a “bad” golf swing, only poorly selected equipment that causes us to swing as we do to get it to perform as desired. I, the clubfitter have the desire, knowledge and equipment necessary to help you get where you want to go. For example, you walk into a golf store, golf department or pro shop.. You pick up a driver, then hybrid, putter or fairway wood, put it down and set up in your stance, “Man that looks good: I can hit this”. Then you check to make sure it is R flex and then go to the cashier and pay whatever the price, hurry out the door so you can go to the club or range and hit this new secret to your game. Now you have spend money only to continue the same problem or problems you have been having. If you had seen a club fitter first then you definitely would have helped your game. The reason I can say this:

  • The grip may be wrong i.e. too big, too small causes regripping at the top so all the pre swing alignment and mental thoughts going into planning the shot are down the tube.
  • Flex may be too soft or too firm. You say I bought R flex because that is what I need. Who told you that?? And where did you hear that? And when did you hear that? There are 10 different flexes in R as in L,A, and S and so on. I as a clubfitter do not deal in L,A,R,S or X, but in cpm’s. Also where the greatest degree of flex or bend is in the shaft.

All the components that I offer, the client or customer is and has been on the professional golf tours with success for years. Professional golfers use different components in their clubs.