I grew up in Lakeland, Fl .Went to school in George to finish High School and graduated from the Citadel in 1966. I, after a brief visit with the Marines, and working various jobs returned to Lakeland and put down roots. My wife and I raised our children here, and when the time was right purchased my family business where I had been working since 1971.

My Dad introduced me to this game of golf when I was about 9-10 years old. Loved the challenge of the game but realized it was not a way I would be able to get and tour and survive. For years I would buy this set of clubs only to hear that this set was ideal for me and better for me to play with. It took me years to realize that the people telling me this were the people that either built them or that’s they had to sell.

I then began helping our local club repairer who encouraged me to get some education about clubs to se I I wanted to truly pursue this. So as they “I got educated”. Started at Golfsmith then went on to PCS and now AGCP.

– Bill Marshall